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Value Proposition

The team at Apex Fiduciary differentiates themselves from other Trustees as they have experience in all aspects of ESOPs from structure, design and fiduciary knowledge to negotiate fairly on behalf of the ESOP participants as well as all operational aspects of the ESOP.

They bring his experience to the Board with high-level strategic thinking, understanding the intricacies of compliance as well as getting into the details with what is important to participants.



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Securing a Trustee
What is a Trustee?

ERISA has 4 main standards for retirement plan fiduciaries:

  • Duty of loyalty
  • Duty of prudence
  • Duty to diversify investments (except for ESOPs which can be invested solely or primarily in Company stock)
  • Duty to follow plan documents

And, the 3 key principals that guide fiduciary actions:
•    Act solely in the best interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries
•    Act for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to plan participants
•    Use the care, skill and prudence in the management of plan assets

How Does a Trustee Operate?

Trustees and fiduciaries must:

  • Pay attention, meet regularly and review all plan operations
  • Follow procedural prudence
  • Keep in mind obligations to participants outweigh those to the boss, board and shareholders

And, the risk is personal liability if there is a breach of duty Liability for other fiduciaries who breach their duty

Don’t be deceived into thinking:

  • Hiring investment managers relieves liability
  • Employees making their own investment choices relieves liability (ESOPs do not offer employee choice)
  • Fidelity bonds and D&O insurance is protection

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Consider the Independence

We take fiduciary responsibility for all plan actions to:
•    Protect and advocate for participants
•    Protect plan sponsors from undue risk
•    Protect other named and un-named fiduciaries

By bringing:
•    Superior levels of attention 
•    Expertise regarding all plan aspects
•    Minimizing your liability 
•    You focus on your job while we focus on your plan
•    Constant attention on trends and developments

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